The Clio Initiative

The Clio Initiative
exploring the history in music

Clio was one of the Nine Muses in the ancient Greek pantheon. All the muses made and inspired music; the other arts were assigned to each Muse in particular. Clio was in charge of history.

The Scottish-Australian songwriter and folklorist Alistair Hulett once remarked: "Folk music is actually the oral history of the working-class." This is the type of history that I research, collect and write about.

My scholarship is mainly concerned with the way music has contributed to modern social justice and cultural liberation movements. I explore the way that work gets done in the music industry, and what that has to teach us about creative co-operation and collective decision-making.

Occupied with Song exploring the stories behind songs This blog contains short essays about particular topical, political and/or historical songs that have taken my fancy.