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David Rovics, Press Release Fall 2017

Portland, Oregon based singer/songwriter David Rovics performs in Boston, July 18th 2017

The Do Not Kill Your Landlord Tour

"If the great Phil Ochs were to rise from the dead today, he would probably be hailed as the new David Rovics." Andy Kershaw, BBC

David Rovics has been an independent, touring musician for over 20 years. As a storyteller, a participant observer and perceptive interpreter of contemporary social movements, he travels the world sharing his own take on history and the news, bears witness to the hidden history of ordinary people, keeping alive the notion that art and social change need each other.

David describes his work as "political commentary that rhymes." Music critic Wally Brooker is less understated. "What’s striking about Rovics," he wrote in 2013, "is his enduring and seemingly tireless commitment to the life of a radical grassroots troubadour, and his ability to bring first-hand reports of local struggle…